The Ottawa Notes Ultimate CDM Questions – Ebook


The Ottawa Notes Ultimate CDM Question book is a comprehensive and invaluable resource tailored to assist medical students in their preparation for the Clinical Decision Making (CDM) component of the MCCQE1 (Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination Part 1). This meticulously curated book comprises over 180 CDM questions, strategically crafted to simulate the real exam’s complexity and format.The questions are thoughtfully divided into two formats: three-part multiple-choice questions and questions with multiple answer options. This variety mirrors the exam’s diverse question styles, allowing students to practice and become proficient in answering different question types.

Throughout the book, students can expect high-quality, well-researched questions that have been meticulously reviewed by medical experts to ensure accuracy and relevance. The explanations provided for each question offer valuable insights and reasoning, helping students grasp the underlying principles and concepts essential for success in the CDM component.



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